If you have been following our blog and already understood the Phase – 1 and Phase – 2 of Travel photography then understanding the following tricks would be easy and fun. So let’s explore more:

Trick 1: Beat the rush

While many tourists are still asleep, I’m out taking advantage of the wonderful early morning light – and since most people are still in bed you will not have coach-loads of people getting in your images and also ruining your shots! Photographing towns, communities as well as cities right now of day makes the photo experience more satisfying.

Late mid-day and also on – till after the sun sets listed below the horizon – is one more perfect time to take photos. In the supposed ‘magic hour’ – when the sun is simply over the perspective, either in the morning or evening – scenes are lit up with a fantastic warm, golden glow.

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Trick 2: Be imaginative with your composition

An usual blunder is to place the subject slap-bang in the center of the framework. Attempt placing it according to the ‘Rule of Thirds’ – along fictional intersecting lines one one-third into the structure from the top, bottom and sides – for an extra pleasing make-up.

I usually utilize a combination of the Rule of Thirds as well as framing to create an extra fascinating structure. Also bear in mind to make use of other structure devices, such as framing and also leading lines, to attract even more focus on your subject.

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Trick 3: Search for patterns

The huge benefit of photographing in unique locations is the possibility to record unique views with your electronic cam. A great example is all the intriguing textures and lively colors that are no-doubt straining your senses.

Focus on certain locations, such as dune or rows of vibrant holiday houses, to fill your frame with these incredibly photogenic components.

Trick 4: Look out for interesting subjects to shoot

Best techniques for photography

Your pictures are memories of your travels, so photograph whatever of interest. Try to find captivating ‘living’ subjects, be it individuals, wildlife or plants. For these subjects try utilizing a long-ish focal length (around 200mm) as well as vast aperture (such as f/4) to obtain them to stand apart from their environments.

Also search for things that are a sign of a place – such as local fruit or flavors, colorful hats or hand-made coverings, shells or other natural environments – that will certainly make striking images.

Trick 5: Shoot right into the Sun

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You could have been informed to have the sun at your back to obtain flawlessly subjected shots, but this will certainly likewise cause flat and boring images! Fire right into the sunlight with a wide-angle lens and stop down to a minimum of f/16 to create a natural sunburst for a dramatic photo. Try placing the sun simply glimpsing out from behind a tree or other fascinating objects.

Stay tuned for last and final tips that will turn you into a professional travel photographer!!!



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